Founder Generation- Caleb Black

01-30-15_12-25 PMWELCOME BABY COREY. 

quick caption this picture: Daddy’s baby mamma’s maybe; or not at all.

Little baby Corey was born and mamma and baby quickly started to bond

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Mom was not alone in her love of baby Corey. Caleb was also very happy to welcome his baby boy

And now the real fun begins. Parenthood is definitely taking its toll on Barbara the most. Between work, managing her garden, and taking care of baby Corey she’s exhausted by the time 1am rolls around and she’s finally getting home for work. Sometimes barely making it to the tent to grab a few hours of shut-eye before passing out from fatigue

01-30-15_12-35 PM

and other times, not making it to the tent

01-30-15_12-43 PM

and at other times…no where near close enough to making it to the tent for a few winks.

It took a while but Barbara and Caleb finally got in the groove of balancing baby, home, and work. And Barbara even managed to get in some exercise which is great for the active side of her personality

02-02-15_11-32 PM

Boy time flies. Before you know it Corey aged up to child. He’s definitely cute and takes more after his dad than his mom.

02-02-15_11-17 PM-2Caleb in the yellow shirt

He’s a genius like his father. He’s also pretty good at making friends.

Caleb and Barbara still have the hots for one another

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Caleb finally took their relationship to the next level and proposed.

02-03-15_12-40 AMHe went to Jared



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And she said “yes”

Of course their financial situation hasn’t changed so there was no elaborate wedding. Just a simple ceremony at home with the two of them. I don’t even think Corey noticed

They are very happy just the three of them

however there is always room for more

02-03-15_12-55 AM-2



Happy aging up to Adult Caleb sorry no party was thrown for you but you’re loved just the same

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