Founder Generation- Caleb Black

01-30-15_11-13 AM-4

Well we left off previously with Barbara encouraging Caleb to woohoo in his tent (trust me he didn’t need much encouragement). Caleb enjoyed the woohoo so much he asked Barbara to move in with him. Without even knowing all her traits. Obviously he never got the memo that you shouldn’t ask someone to move in if you didn’t know them well.

Luckily Barbara turns out to be quite a good girl if a bit loner. She is also childish, active and domestic which definitely comes in hand with keeping the compound clean. Can’t really call the Black plot of land an estate yet, we’re still living in tents for Pete’s sake.

Barbara has joined the culinary career. Why…because I like it. She’s already mastered cooking frank and beans on the grill

01-30-15_11-20 AM

someone’s looking smug about this accomplishment. Also, her added income is definitely a welcome to the family coffers. Barbara and Caleb spent hours hunting around the shops in Willow Creek harvesting fruits, vegetables, and flowers to grow in their own garden, and money to get from collecting rare gems and metals.

Good thing Caleb asked Barbara to move in because that little rump they had in the tent earlier has left them with a proverbial “bun in the oven”

Barbara became aware of the good news while exiting the tent one morning.. whelp, morning sickness so soon darling.

The garden has started to flourish, soon the garden will be a good revenue generator as well as help cut down the cost of cooking meals, whenever the family purchases a fridge and stove/oven

01-30-15_12-00 PM


Barbara is a bit of a fire-starter. Probably not intentionally but nevertheless fires tend to start because of her. The first one occurred while she was cooking on the grill.

01-30-15_12-02 PM


Yeah, she’s paying attention; NOT. And she had the nerve to run from the fire instead of put it out. Caleb was not amused.

01-30-15_12-03 PM


But like a good man, he extinguished the fire.


Barbara’s other favorite past time is to light the fire pit while eating. Of course she almost burnt the entire compound down with this apparent uncontrollable compulsion of hers to light fires

01-30-15_12-05 PM-2


And of course there is no excess funds to replace these items! nothing like keeping and sitting around on fire crisp lawn furniture. Eh, such is life.


The day finally came for Barbara to give birth.

01-30-15_12-24 PM

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