Founder Generation- Caleb Black

Meet Caleb Black a geeky young adult new to Willow Creek ready to start in an entry level position in the tech career. Caleb is also clumsy and a genius.. Caleb arrived with just a few hundred dollars to his name. He purchased the largest lot he could could afford with the money that he had which didn’t leave him with any funds to actually build a starter home on the lot. However he was able to afford a tent and some essentials.


01-27-15_1-02 PM

Of course there are only a few places you can go in a new town to meet new people and one of those is the gym. After getting settled Caleb quickly made his way there. He could do double duty of working out and meeting new people.

01-27-15_10-53 PM


And sure enough it wasn’t long before he’d met quite a few people. Don, Barbara, Geoffrey, and Jacquelyn.


And it didn’t take long for Caleb to learn there were other ways to earn money and get access to food than just his tech job and the cooler he had at home. Caleb started hunting under rocks for precious metals

01-30-15_10-05 AM-2


and always made it a point to check the parks and other open areas because people loved cooking on the grill in these areas and there was always extra food lying around… who’s going to miss one plate?

and whenever he couldn’t get to one of the parks or open areas to eat there was always cereal from the cooler as an option

01-30-15_10-10 AM

Great way to make a grown man feel like a child.

Well I said there were 2 places in town to meet people one is the gym and the other place is the library! The library is great because there is access to computers, books, and a chess table if you’re interested in playing. So after a few days in town Caleb finally made his way to the library.

01-30-15_10-29 AM

And wasted no time in reading and meeting new people


When Caleb wasn’t reading he was working on his programming skills which was needed for his tech job.

It didn’t take long for Jacequlyn, woman he met at the gym, to find out where he lived (or was squatting for lack of a better word) and visited him.

01-30-15_10-15 AM

Don’t let Caleb’s geek status fool you. When needed he definitely has pick-up game. kinda-sorta.

Jacquelyn was definitely someone that ran hot and cold. Sometimes she was down for the flirting and sometimes she wasn’t.

And just like any young man with a few dollars in his pocket after payday Caleb called up the people he’d newly met in time for a weenie roast (key word was a few dollars in his pocket, no grand party here). Quite a few of his new acquaintances showed up…


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Including the lovely Barbara, whom Caleb had also met at the gym. Of course everyone wanted to throw logs on the fire. Overall it was a pretty good party.

At the very least Caleb got in quite a bit of talking with Barbara who seemed way more receptive to his advances than Jacquelyn. Much so that he invited her over later in the week just so the two of them could hang out.

01-30-15_11-06 AM

Friendly hanging out with Barbara turned in to romantic flirting with things going very well

Until yep you guessed it, Jacquelyn showed up on the scene and witnessed Caleb gifting Barbara with a rose

yeah things did not go to hot after that. Score 100 for Barbara; 0 for Jacquelyn. Guess she should have been more hot than cold.

Of course that wasn’t the only time Barbara came over. Caleb invited her over again and things definitely sped up in their relationship. They went from first kiss

to first Woohoo quickly

01-30-15_11-13 AM-4


Caleb is now lucky in love and doing great at work

Until next time….



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