Founder Generation-Caleb Black

They are still trying to have another baby

And nothing’s happening yet. Barbara has had about 3 failed pregnancies. I don’t think it is meant to be for their family to expand at this time. But no worries because there is still a LOT to do.

Corey is very friendly. His parents finally let him go to the park without them and he’s taking full advantage. Meeting other children his age.

02-02-15_11-17 PM-2

Corey is becoming great friends with the boys he meat at the park. Inviting them over to hang out. He and Israel have become the closest of the boys he met at the park.

02-03-15_12-11 AM

Barbara needed to get her cooking skills up and they needed a fridge to keep what food that was being cooked on the grill from spoiling. So after saving up Caleb was able to purchase some kitchen essentials for the home. and Barbara lucked out winning a raffle at work and won counters! She was very excited to cook in the kitchen at home for the first time using fresh ingredients obtained from their home garden.

02-08-15_3-27 AM

The first meal the family had together was spaghetti because it is Caleb’s favorite. 02-08-15_3-31 AM

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or so they say. Mom and Dad surprised Corey with a party for his birthday! Typical of parents. If they don’t celebrate theirs they do try to celebrate their children’s aging day. A good mix of parent and children friends were invited. Both Caleb and Barbara are good friends with Don Lothario.

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Corey wasn’t the only one celebrating his aging up. Mom and dad a little celebration of their own after all the guest left and everyone went to bed. What happens in the tent, stays in the tent

02-08-15_3-54 AM-2

Well the unthinkable, at least to Barbara and Caleb, happened: She found out she was pregnant!

02-08-15_10-43 AM

After trying for ages finally a new addition will be added to the Black home. This pregnancy went pretty well. Nothing more than the usual fatigue and constant need for food and to relieve the bladder. Barbara gave birth while everyone else was asleep and after she came in from work. It was easier this way, no freaking the men out.

Another boy! Looks like Barbara is the nanny rather than the mother with her fair skin and his dark skin. Eh this is how genetics works folks.  They named him Cole.

Dad was happy to have another son and he doted on this baby like he did when Corey was a baby.

Corey was very happy to finally have a sibling even if it did take through most of his childhood. At least he wouldn’t be the only one caring for his parents in their old age. That was his thought process at least.

Admittedly reality of having a baby brother was much worse than fantasy. He was NEVER quiet

02-08-15_11-35 AM-3

Corey talked his parents into letting him get a job. He had to plead his case at every available opportunity. The fact that he had straight A helped a lot. Dad only agreed if it was on the weekends so he picked a Handyman job. Which was good because entry level started out in the nursery and since he’d been helping his mom in the garden since he aged up to teen he felt he was definitely qualified for the job.

02-08-15_11-48 AM

It wasn’t long until Cole aged up to child

02-12-15_12-11 AM-2

He’s just as friendly as his brother Corey and like Corey, he looks like a miniature version of their father.

And will wonders never cease. Guess who’s got another bun in the oven:

02-08-15_12-01 PM

Talk about making up for lost time.

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