Founder Generation- Caleb Black

Cole found the whole pregnancy process interesting. His mom actually claimed to have a baby brother or sister in her stomach for him and Corey. He halfway believed her because when he touched her belly SOMETHING moved. But he wasn’t trusting her until he saw the baby with his own eyes.

Don Lothario always seems to come over to hang out, mostly when Caleb is at work. At least that’s how it seems.02-11-15_11-12 PM

Eh it makes for good TV drama. The truth is Barbara works afternoons and Caleb works morning and Don is independently wealthy that he apparently does nothing all day but visit friends! Must be nice. The least he could do is pick up a watering can and help a pregnant woman water her garden. Why he likes hanging out at the black compound when he has a nicely built house still surprises the Blacks but he’s been a great friend so they don’t mind him hanging around.

02-11-15_11-27 PM

Don did confess that he loves pregnant women and asked to feel Barbara’s belly and he was curious about the baby, asking the due date. Who knows maybe he’ll leave some gifts once the baby is born.

The best part about having the childrens drawing table in front of the computer desk is that it creaks an adult and child work space. So while the children work on their drawing, Caleb works on his programming. He’s been creating mobile apps and doing a lot of freelance work after hours. These side jobs add income to the family, even if they do take up a lot of his free time.

Caleb still makes time to hang out with his family.

02-11-15_11-01 PM


Well the day finally came to birth the baby. Barbara was hoping for a girl finally to help balance their family. She was tired of being the only female around. Don did absolutely nothing to help with the birth of the baby. As a matter of fact doesn’t look like he noticed Barb was in labor and delivering at home.


Welcome baby Cameron! Although this baby was another boy, Barbara is just as happy because at the end of the day the baby is healthy.

Who wasn’t happy, Cole. The reality of his mom delivering another baby made him very sad. He’d been officially replaced as the “baby” in the family. Mom had to sit down and talk to him02-11-15_11-33 PM


Which was’t a hardship because she loved all of her children equally. She just realized she had to show it more. She didn’t want Cole to think he was no longer wanted.

02-11-15_11-33 PM-3


Caleb was very happy to come home from work and discovered that not only had Barbara delivered, but that he had another son and she’d named him Cameron. Another handsome son he hoped would grow up to look like him and pass on the Black name.

02-11-15_11-38 PM

It didn’t take Cole long to come around to liking his baby brother Cam. The guy was too cute not to like.

02-12-15_12-28 AM

and Barbara was putting forth a lot of effort to show her family that she loved all of them not just the new baby. Taking time to spend with her boys. I told you the children/parent work space comes in hand.

Corey is the best big brother ever. Always helping out taking care of Cameron. Helping with late night and early morning feedings.



The look Caleb makes when his wife is at work and left him to provide dinner for him and the two oldest boys and take care of the baby

02-11-15_11-35 PM

how does she do it?

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