Founder Generation-Caleb Black

She never said she did it well, or graceful, or without accidents. She’s passed out a few times since having Cameron from exhaustion

02-12-15_12-23 AM

And remember that time she set the fire, AGAIN, to the lawn furniture. (check out Cole sitting calmly as you please roasting his marshmallow).

Barbara had the nerve to run to the edge of the property as if her life was in danger.

02-12-15_12-21 AM-3


How the men felt about her antics

02-12-15_12-21 AM-2

it’s mom. Gotta love her. She means well, she truly does.

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!

Caleb aged up to Elder- that looked like it hurt.

02-12-15_12-25 AM


Both Cameron and Corey aged up on the same day. Cameron to school age child and Corey to Young Adult just as he got home from his teen job as a handyman.

02-12-15_12-39 AM


Despite their initial rocky start (Cole feeling usurped by the birth of Cameron) Cole and Cameron are thick as thieves and they look like twins! Yes you guessed it. Cole is on the left and Cam is on the right in the blue jacket. They both look like their older brother Corey therefore, they all look like their dad. (Personally, I LOVE this.)

02-12-15_12-47 AM


Corey joined the business career. And no it didn’t look like he could find any clothing that fit him better. That’s what you get for getting a suit from Goodwill. You take what you can get and be thankful. The struggle is real. He still cute tho.

02-12-15_12-57 AM

Barbara talked Caleb into trying one more time for a baby, rather than just the regular woohoo they frequently participated in (how one does this with 3 children on the lot is BEYOND me, but the children have learned, when the tent is a’rocking  don’t go a’knocking), she wants to have a baby girl. So Caleb did what any man would do: what his wife told him to do.

When you’re married there is no privacy. Barbara told Caleb about the new pregnancy as soon as she herself found out

02-12-15_12-55 AM

Caleb was happy. He did his duty and got his wife pregnant. Hopefully she’d have the girl she always wanted. In hopes of birthing a girl Barbara did all the things she could think of . Staying fit and active

02-11-15_10-47 PM

Eating healthy meals (not that she hate unhealthy with the boys, but eating MORE healthy will get that girl)

I mean…Tacos are healthy right?

This pregnancy also had some interesting moments. like that time Barbara was so close yet so far from the bathroom at the Oasis Spring park that she peed on herself. Aww poor pregnant Barbara. How embarrassing.

02-12-15_1-15 AM



well time came for delivery. By this time Caleb was use to birth and just carried on in his usual manner.

02-12-15_1-44 AM


Did Barbara finally get the daughter she always wanted?



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