Founder Generation- Caleb Black

Congratulations it’s a….

yep you guessed it…BOY!

Having another boy and not a girl didn’t steal her enthusiasm. Barbara was happy with her son. She named him Cody. The other boys were happy to have another brother. They wouldn’t know what to do with a little sister anyway. Now boys, they knew what to do with those.

02-12-15_1-55 AM

Don even came over to congratulate Barbara and hold the baby

02-12-15_1-48 AM-3

wait…did he just try to

02-12-15_1-48 AM

“Don, I may be into older men, but only my husband. I’ll see if there are some nice young girls at the restaurant that are interested”.

02-12-15_1-48 AM-2 or not if you keep looking at me with that face.


02-12-15_2-04 AM

Cole and Cameron have bonded over each no longer being the “baby” in the family.

After saving up 20,000 extra Simaelons , Caleb was finally able to build a small home for the family to move in to and get them out of tents. If he accomplishes nothing else before he dies at least he was able to do this.

02-13-15_10-44 AM


True enough there are no windows, but all in due time. The younger boys are sharing a room, Corey has his own, and the baby is in with his parents. Everyone is settling right in.


Corey is the best big brother little brothers could ask for

and Caleb bough a home bar so that Barbara can skill up to get better promotions at work.

02-12-15_8-58 PM


love seems to be in the air and not just for Caleb and Barbara who are still going strong

A family day trip to the park ended in some nice surprises. Cody has aged to child and is loving playing at the park with his older brothers

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but Corey met one person in particular that blew his mind. He thought she was the prettiest woman next to his mamma of course!

02-12-15_9-57 PM

Her name is Barbara and they hit it off very fast. He even managed to talk her into watching the clouds with him

02-12-15_9-58 PM

We it was time for the family to head home she game him a hug. Corey is so in love

02-12-15_10-01 PM

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