Generation 2-Cody Black

Speaking of Corey and Elyse, Corey went out one night and returned an engaged man. He took Elyse out to a nice bar over in Oasis Spring

02-13-15_12-31 PM

He pulled out all the stops: professing his love, blowing kisses

02-13-15_12-32 PM

And finally the big moment came

The engagement celebration continued back home in the family tent.

02-13-15_12-36 PM 02-13-15_12-37 PM


Corey and Elyse weren’t the only ones loving. Caleb’s ghosts now hunts the house, not in a bad way but a ghost is still in your house kinda way, talking to his living wife and children. Not only talking either. Barbara was happy to have Caleb back any way she could even ghost.

Some nights they sat up and talked. Barbara filling Caleb in on what all was happening in the family. The birth of his twin granddaughters, Cole dating Constance, Cameron and Cody fighting.

And other days he slept with her like old times

02-15-15_10-14 PM

And of course sometimes they even had “relations”


Of course the next loving relationship is Constance and Cole. Any free time Cole has he’s inviting Constance over.

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Before too long it was birthday celebrating time. Up this time: Cameron. quite a few friends showed up to celebrate with Cameron. Of course he was only interested in one person: Devin

02-15-15_10-58 PM


Corey’s twin girls Ashlynn and Justice showed up along with their mom Elyse. Corey and Elyse’s night spent in the tent had garnered Elyse another pregnancy in which she again delivered twin girls, naming them Marjorie and Kristen. They are still babies so they didn’t come to the party.

02-16-15_12-31 AM


Because Corey and Elyse were waiting to have the babies first then get married, Corey still stays at home and so doesn’t see the girls as much as he’d like

Cody likes hanging out with his nieces. He constantly reminds them: although they look the same age he is in fact older than them

02-16-15_12-37 AM

And if Elyse and Corey don’t stop being all over each other they will be having another child soon!



Finally time for Cameron to blow out his candles. Happy Birthday Cameron!

02-15-15_11-02 PM-2


And yep he looks like his daddy too. Cameron waited no time at all trying to pick-up Devin.

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