Generation 2-Cody Black

The circle of life involves both life and death and as one passes another is born. At least that’s the BS statement Corey gave his mom when he sat her down to inform her that Elyse was pregnant

02-13-15_12-23 PM

All Barbara heard was “you’re going to be a grandma!” And of course she felt she was too old, especially since Cameron and Cody were still school age. Corey had to of course remind his mother that there was practically a 15 year age gap between Corey and his brothers and it was time for her to be a grandmother. hmm, that went over well. Corey had to spend some extra TLC time with his mom. It’s bad enough her husband died, now her eldest child is about to be a father and will soon be leaving the nest. A woman can only take so much so soon.

02-13-15_12-24 PM


But really, it was time for her to be a grandmother. Why, well because it was time for Barbara’s birthday! and although she may have been looking late middle age and still had brown hair when she heard the news she would be a grandmother she soon aged up to be an elderly female with grey hair, perfect for being a grandmother

02-13-15_1-14 PM-2

Elyse showed up to the party in all her 3rd trimester glory. Corey was very happy to see her and feel the babies move.

02-13-15_1-13 PM

Corey and Barbara weren’t the only ones celebrating her the birthday party. Cole of course managed to invite Constance to the party and figured the party would be a perfect time to put some moves on Constance. If it worked at his birthday party for Corey and Elyse, it would work at his mom’s birthday party for him

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And yeah it did. Cole met her at the door, told some jokes, they danced together. Of course he did more romantic things too like kiss her hands and give her a rose. And it worked, by the end of the night he and Constance shared their “first kiss” together

02-13-15_1-28 PM-2

for Coley, everything was falling into plan: he had a girlfriend. Happy Birthday Mom

02-13-15_1-28 PM-3 02-13-15_1-29 PM Cheese!



After the party things kinda settled down and were normal as usual

Cameron and Cody fighting over the bathroom (a second floor bathroom at yet to be put in the house. Dad was supposed to do that before he died and mom hadn’t quite got around to that yet)

02-13-15_10-54 AM

And when they weren’t fighting over the bathroom they were fighting over the remote

02-13-15_11-04 AM


Corey and Elyse were still doing good. Her body bounced back nicely after birthing twin girls Ashlynn & Justice

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