Generation 2- Cody Black

Well back from camping and love remains in the air for Cameron and Devin. Apparently the camping trip is just what they needed. They can’t keep their hands off one another

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Constace and Cole are both excited for the birth of their baby. Don’t know yet if they are having twins again (sure hope not! 3 sets in the extended family is enough)

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So Cody decided it was past time for him to put forth more effort in meeting a girlfriend so he, Cole, Devin and Cameron thought it best to go out for a “guys” night. Of course they had to get in the mood so the party and drinking started before they left the house (this was Devin’s idea of course)

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then they went to a bar over in Oasis Springs

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The guys night out proved victorious. Cody met Lindsey who just so happens to be their friend Owen’s little sister! Que singing: “it’s a small world after all; it’s a small world after all”.

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Cody totally didn’t need Cole’s help in trying to talk to a girl, but what are big brothers for right?


Cody has forgone employment outside of the home and instead he stays home and gardens. Selling his produce that he’s been grafting, and evolving since he was a teen is garnering him about 5-10,000 simoleons a day. Most of the days he does the gardening alone, but in the evenings and on weekends the other guys help out. Which truthfully is the only way to get everything done.

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Meeting Lindsey at the bar wasn’t a one-time thing. Cody started to invite her over too so they could hang out and get to know one another better. He was lonely and tired of being the only single family member in the house. He remembered all the romantic activities everyone else had on the camping trip except him and he vowed to no longer be alone.

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Just like Corey’s children, Cole’s young boys come over all the time, whether their dad is home or not. Cody being the good uncle that he is spends time with his nephews.

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There ain’t no party like a Black Family party cause a Black Family party don’t stop. Well not until the wee hours of the morning at least. Cody decided he wanted to throw a weenie roast and invite the family and some close friends. The twins are always together entertaining one another.

03-01-15_3-43 AM  Marjorie and Kristin


03-01-15_3-51 AM-2 Ashlynn and Justice

Constance and the twins Otis and Jax came to the bonefire. Constace had given birth a few days earlier to a baby girl named Anissa. FINALLY no more twins. She didn’t bring the baby to the bonfire of course.


and the best part about the weenie roast, is the way Lindsey was digging on Cody

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The weenie roast was also a great time to celebrate Cole aging up to adult especially since the whole family was there. Happy Birthday Cole. Even ghost mom was coming to enjoy the festivities.

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After aging up to Adult Cole finally felt it was time to move out and be with his family. Help Constance full time with caring for the children and providing for the family. He and Constance were married the same place as Corey and Elyse.

And there is something about weddings that brings out the romance and love in others. Specifically Cameron and Devin


looks like the blacks will be celebrating another wedding sometime soon. Congratulations Cameron and Devin on your engagement

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Generation 2- Cody Black

With Barbara out and Devin in, that leaves a house full of bachelors and luckily Cole had a job as a teen at the fast food place so he has a little bit of cooking skill. It’s Cole with the cooking skill, not Devin.

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So of course Devin tried his hand at cooking and yep you guessed it. It was like Barbara all over again: FIRE.

I think one should be in a good mood before trying to cook breakfast in the morning before work. No worries, after flipping into his day wear it was Cole to the rescue

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at least the house didn’t burn down.


Cole and Constace are the new Corey and Elyse. Meaning that woohoo they had resulted in twin births! this time son’s Otis and Jax. Cole and Constace are not married yet, Cole needs to get a bit further in his career and the family needs some more funds before moving Cole out. It’s cute, Cole paint’s left handed.

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Birthday time again. This time switched things up and threw the celebration at Corey’s house With all the family in attendance, minus Elyse who had aged up to elder and died and Barbara who had died as well.

But all 3 sets of twins were there. Justice and Ashlynn (I think; they all look alike)

02-25-15_9-55 PM


02-25-15_9-56 PM and this is either Marjorie or Kristin

02-25-15_9-59 PM Otis and Jax  (yep, can’t tell them apart either)

02-25-15_10-09 PM the teen in the green shirt at the sink is either Kristin or Marjorie. Also in attendance at the party is Cole with the brown hat, Corey (it’s his house), Devin, Cameron in the camping jacket

02-25-15_10-00 PM Cameron out on the porch chatting with one of the twins and Constace

It was a pretty fun party. Even with Devin arguing with one of the twins. You can’t take crazy people ANYWHERE. They always start something

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Happy Birthday Cody


So to celebrate Cody’s birthday the boys decided to go on a camping trip. Cole invited his family

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In route to the camp site Constace was giving the twins the eye making sure they were on their best behavior

They also invited their good family friend Owen

02-26-15_10-57 PM

It was a good time for family bonding, especially for Constace, Cole and the twins

Cole and Constace wasted no time christening the campsite

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but it wasn’t just Cole and Constace getting all hot and heavy. There must have been something in the forest air that brought out the flirty in Cameron and Devin. I think this was the best their relationship had ever been

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They also were christening the campsite every chance they got

Poor Cody. Next time he goes camping he’s bring a significant other too. Trust me he was keeping his eyes open in the forest for a pretty young thing, unfortunately he didn’t find anyone to catch his fancy. But he had just as much fun as the other family members

There was digging for treasure and collectibles

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catching bugs

02-25-15_10-56 PM

spending time with the family

There was also some fishing

02-25-15_11-01 PM

and a camping trip wouldn’t be a camping trip if one didn’t have to fend off bugs

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However the best thing to come from the camping trip was:

1) Constace discovered she had another bun in the oven. Wonder when she and Cole had time to produce that?

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and 2) Cole and Constace became engaged



slideshow of other activities the family got into while camping:

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