Generation 2- Cody Black

Whereas Corey and Cole had found it easy to fall in love, Cameron, not so much. But he’s always putting forth A+ effort. From cheering up Devin

To trying to seduce Devin

02-17-15_11-51 PM

Devin is just a hard boy to please. Many time Cameron’s overtures fall flat and the next thing you know he and Devin are arguing and mad at each other. I don’t see this relationship, if it can be called that, lasting.


02-17-15_11-51 PM-3


Of all the brothers, Cameron is the coolest. He’s the prankster. He makes everyone laugh, he’s a good friend and he’s always down to have a good time

and did I mention he’s the best big brother EVER!

02-17-15_11-23 PM


Cory’s children Justice and Ashlynn come over all the time to visit with the family

Its not easy to tell the twins apart but such is what you get with twins

02-16-15_12-33 AM-2 02-16-15_12-35 AM


Cory earned a promotion at work and was able to purchase a better fitting suit

02-17-15_11-15 PM

Cameron got a job as a barista at the local coffee shop

02-18-15_9-26 AM


best part about his coffee shop job is that he also made drinks at home


Marjorie and Kristin aged up to children

And I have about as much luck telling them apart as I do Justice and Ashlynn. I really hope there are no more twins in the family.

Speaking of birthdays, it was soon time to celebrate both Cody and Corey’s birthdays! First up was Corey

02-18-15_12-04 AM-3

Then it was Cole’s turn

02-18-15_12-06 AM-5

and yes, Cody looks like his brothers and his father

02-18-15_12-14 AM



with his big promotion in hand and money in the bank, it was time for Cory to marry Elyse and move into a home with her and his four children. The wedding was nice for the most part, and all the family was there.

The house was a lot emptier with Cory gone.


And with all the people living in the house, you’re bound to forget to celebrate some birthdays, namely the aging up of Cole to young adult. Cole aged up to YA and joined the Painter career. He wasn’t the only one who aged up. Constace aged up to YA too. I love the look on Barbara’s face when she walks in to see Constace and Cole flirting in the kitchen; as if to say, “ugh, not in the kitchen! we eat in there.”

So Cole took the flirting to his mom’s room instead of the kitchen

02-18-15_10-31 AM 02-18-15_10-30 AM

and yeah, we know what happened the last time a brother and his girlfriend woohooed in their momma’s bed! I’m sure she would have much preferred the kitchen.



The twins Justice and Ashlynn aged up to teens too.  It’s funny going over to their house to visit because Cory’s always arguing with one of the little twins.

02-19-15_12-25 AM-2







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