Generation 2- Cody Black

The best part about ghosts is that they are useful. Caleb seems to know when the best time to come out is. For instance, if one of the boys social is low… look around who do you see: Caleb. Good he can talk to Cameron

02-18-15_8-56 AM

need help with homework Cody? Ghost dad to the rescue

02-18-15_8-53 AM-2


Birthdays happen quick in this family. Before I knew it, it was time to celebrate Cameron’s aging up to Young Adult. Time flies when you’re having fun. Just as I was about to send Cameron over to blow out his candles… who should age up: Devin

02-18-15_10-19 AM

and Cameron, the forever prankster and fun loving guy, thought he should take one last teen selfie before blowing out his candles (he’s so darn cute!)

02-18-15_10-20 AM


Happy birthday Cameron. Devin finished aging up in time to celebrate Cameron’s birthday.

All you need at a birthday party is a boom box and sims will TURN UP

02-18-15_10-17 AM-2


so never one to miss an opportunity, after eating cake with everyone Cameron skipped out on the rest of the birthday festivities to spend time with Devin. they were actually having a good time together

So no time like the present to take advantage of the situation. Cameron asked Devin to move in, and he agreed

02-19-15_12-42 AM

So as one enters, another one exits. Barbara died one morning eating breakfast

02-19-15_12-59 AM-2 02-19-15_12-59 AM-3

Cody ran to the kitchen to plead with the Grim Reaper in hopes of sparing his mother’s life, if only for a few days

02-19-15_1-00 AM-2


He was rudely denied by the Grim Reaper

02-19-15_1-01 AM

R.I. P. Barbara you will be missed

02-19-15_12-21 AM

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