Generation 2- Cody Black

Things between Lindsey and Cody have heated up nicely. They finally shared their first kiss and shortly thereafter Lindsey moved in with the boys.

03-01-15_5-08 AM


The two couples spent a lot of time together


It was decided that Lindsey would stay home and tend the garden since that within itself was a full time job

03-16-15_11-57 AM

And this freed up Cody to pursue other activities that caught his attention such as woodworking. Cody’s aspiration is a Renaissance Sim so he dabbles in many different things

03-16-15_2-58 PM

Soon the wedding of Cameron and Devin was looming and no one was “wedding read”. Everyone had let themselves go by gaining weight. Cameron got it in his mind that the weeks before the wedding everyone needed to spend any and all free time exercising so that they would look good in their wedding garb.

The family that works out together, stays together. And that includes extended family. Imagine my surprise when Devin, Lindsey, and Cody showed up to the gym they saw their nieces Ashlynn, Justice, Marjorie, and Kristen getting their work out on.


Finally it was wedding day and admittedly the family was “ready”. Weddings are great because it’s a wonderful time for the family and extended family and friends to get together and hang out. In attendance was the Corey’s twin girls, Cole’s twin boys who had aged up to teens, Cole, Corey, and of course Cody and Lindsey


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Congratulations Cameron and Devin!


Shortly after marrying it was time for Devin and Cameron to age up. Since Devin was home, Cody baked him a cake and they celebrated in the garden


03-01-15_5-24 AM-3

Cameron celebrated after he came home from work. Best part about having your parents buried on your property is that when every other living soul in your household is sleep, your ghost mom is still there to celebrate our birthday so you aren’t alone

03-01-15_5-28 AM-4



Finally there is enough money in the family coffers to upgrade the home from these humble beginnings

02-13-15_10-44 AM

to this

03-16-15_3-02 PM

The reason for the upgrades is because there are new additions to the family! Cameron and Devin decided it was time to increase their family and adopted a newborn son they named Luca, which is great considering Devin’s maiden name (he changed his name to Black once he and Cameron married) was DaLuca. Cameron was the one to bring Luca home

03-16-15_2-42 PM


As a newborn Luca’s complexion is a perfect blend between Cameron and Devin

03-16-15_2-45 PM


Devin and Cameron took to parenthood like ducks to water.

of course the rest of us were there to help out too

There were late nights and early mornings with Luca as well

03-16-15_11-49 PM

but apparently that didn’t stop Cameron and Devin from spending quality time together


To be honest, Cameron and Devin weren’t the only one’s spending quality time together. So too were Cody and Lindsey and it wasn’t long before Lindsey found herself with a bun in the oven

03-16-15_11-33 PM


For the most part Lindsey enjoyed pregnancy and worked hard not to gain too much weight during pregnancy

03-16-15_11-56 PM


Cody was happy to feel the baby move

03-17-15_12-32 AM-2

Before the baby was due to be born Cody threw a birthday party for himself and invited the extended family and friends over and used this time to announce the pregnancy of Lindsey. The usual players showed up

Happy Birthday Cody!

03-17-15_12-13 AM-2 03-17-15_12-13 AM-4


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