Generation 3- Laila Black

Geesh after all the heaviness going on in the Black family home it was time to get out. The teens Luca and Laila decided to head in to town for a night out. They looked enough like young adults and they knew a spot that didn’t card. So over to Oasis Spring they went

04-07-15_10-42 PM

Of course and who did Laila run in to…why her mother’s older brother Uncle Sam. All he did was greet Laila and order himself a drink. They caught up on old times together. Mostly talked about her mom. Apparently he got the longevity genes since he’d outlived Corey, Cole, Cameron (all of whom he was friends with) and his sister.

04-07-15_10-42 PM-2


Laila  and Luca were out to meet new friends and have a good time. Their cousin Jax was out at the bar too. It’s always good time catching up with Jax and Otis.

Then who should happen to come in to the bar..why the  girl (Hazel) from a few months back that yelled at Laila in the park. Yeah she should have handled that in the park then but there’s no rule that said she could’t handle that now.

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did someone yell CHICK fight?!

04-07-15_10-51 PM

all of the anger and sadness and grief over her mom and uncles death Laila released on her new nemesis

and when the dust settled she came out on top

you’d think that ended things. Nope. Hazel wanted more. Out of the blue she had a drink in her hand which she threw in Laila’s face


As far as Laila was concerned this was a declaration of war! especially since Hazel was smiling. Thinking she was cute.

04-07-15_10-55 PM-3


Laila declared Hazel her an enemy

04-07-15_10-55 PM-7


Hazel pretended to not hear her

04-07-15_10-56 PM

so Laila attacked her again

This time Hazel learned her place and dragged herself home from the bar. Laila is the king of all mean girls now.

04-07-15_10-57 PM


Of course this promptly ended Luca and Laila’s night out. It wasn’t the end of the world, it w as already midnight. time for them to be headed home anyway.


Now it’s just Cody and the 4 children in the home. And they are all trying to move on with despite losing those most dear to them

Soon it was time to celebrate Sawyer’s birthday. The celebration was kept small. Just the immediate family


until next time.


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