Generation 3- Laila Black

Lindsey and Cody were unable to decide which of their two children would be the heir, so they put two names in a hat and drew. Laila was the winner and is the family heir. Laila and Luca have really started to get in to fitness. Working out together and alone whenever possible

Luca also likes to play the guitar like his father Cameron

04-07-15_12-04 AM


Lindsey died one more after getting out of bed. Unfortunately everyone was away from the home. All of the children were at school. Cody was at work as were Cameron and Darin.

04-06-15_11-22 PM


Lindsey died alone at home with no one to plead for her to the Grim Reaper. R.I.P. Lindsey

04-06-15_11-22 PM-2


Fearing their time too was limited, Darin and Cameron started to spend a lot more time together

which is better than what Lindsey and Cody had. Lindsey’s death came as a terrible blow to the family. But what happened next was even worse.

Cameron started to die just after waking up

Darin was devastated and immediately pleaded to the Reaper to let Cameron live. Unlike with Lindsey, the children were home and Sawyer immediately ran to his fathers’ room


The grim reaper granted Darin’s plea. Cameron was saved

The reaper never mentioned any caveats. Shortly after granting Darin’s plea, Darin started to die. Apparently it was his life for Cameron’s. Sawyer went from happy to crushed. One father lived so that the other could die. Horrible

04-07-15_11-34 PM

at one point in the room lying dead were both Darin and Cameron. With the Grim Reaper resurrecting Cameron.

04-07-15_11-31 PM-2


While the reaper was doing the resurrection, Luca had removed Sawyer from the room. He didn’t want Sawyer to see their dads that way

04-07-15_11-32 PM-2

Cameron was successfully resurrected

04-07-15_11-32 PM

Luca entered the room again in hopes of successfully pleading for Darin

He was unsuccessful and Darin died.

04-07-15_11-34 PM


This tragic drama didn’t end here. The very next morning, Cameron died. I like to believe it was due to a broken heart. For the first time since he was a young man, he and Darin didn’t sleep bedside one another. with no one to plead for him this time…he died.

04-08-15_11-12 AM-3



R.I.P. Lindsey

03-16-15_11-57 AM

R.I.P. Cameron and Darin

04-07-15_11-10 PM

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