Adventures of Lola the Scientist- A Picturestory Miniseries

Lola has joined the scientist career convinced there is alien life. She is convinced she looks great in her entry level uniform and admittedly she is. Young, carefree, and eager.

04-19-15_3-12 PM


Her first day on the job was 70% meeting, chatting, and gossiping with new co-workers. Who know’s maybe she’ll meet a potential boyfriend here.

Work wasn’t all play and no work. Laila soon set about completing her daily assigned tasks. Tending the garden (no sweat because she did that daily at home already and was highly skilled)

04-19-15_3-18 PM

From the flowers and vegetables that she harvested she even tried her hand at mixing some serums

04-19-15_3-19 PM-3

too bad the machine broke while she was mixing. yeah that serum didn’t mix well.

04-19-15_3-20 PM-2

But no worries once the machine was fixed and back up running, Lola set about mixing her serum.

Yay! success. She wanted to be the one to test out her new serum and it wasn’t too bad

04-19-15_3-25 PM-2

Lola also took some time analyzing crystals and flora

But the best part of her first day was using the robotics machine to craft a freeze ray.

04-19-15_3-22 PM


and eventually testing the freeze ray on unsuspecting co-workers

Lola wasn’t completely evil. Yes she did gleam much glee from freezing her co-workers but she was always nice enough to chisel them out

Best first day on the job EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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