Generation 3- Laila Black

Aging up seems to be happening back to back to back. Shortly after Sawyer aged up to teen so too did Lola. Unfortunately Cody, Luca, Laila, and Sawyer were too busy tending the garden that they again missed Lola’s birthday; no birthday cake for you.

Happy Birthday Lola!

04-09-15_11-15 PM

Big sis Laila was happy to take Lola shopping where she came back with new clothes, a fresh hair cut and color. And just like all the other teens Lola immediately started helping out in the garden. This is the family’s bread and butter.

04-15-15_11-28 AM


One of the girls that Sawyer met at the park as a child had also aged up to teen. Her name is Juanita. Sawyer wasted no time inviting her over and getting to know her better. Laila and Stuart were also spending a lot of time together. All the teens can have triple dates… nah probably not.

04-15-15_11-59 AM


Whenever possible, Sawyer and Laila were spending time with their potential mates.

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Since Cody was the only parent remaining he was very serious about being there for his daughters and nephews.

Helping out with homework when needed

04-15-15_11-33 AM

He and the spirit of his dead fiance Lindsey had time to sit down with Laila and let her know she would be heir to the family home, funds, and legacy. A lot of responsibility for a teen. luckily Cody was still around and Luca would be aging to YA soon.

04-15-15_11-40 AM


Unfortunately before Luca’s birthday, Cody passed. It was quiet with no fanfare. He can now be with his wife, brother, and parents. It was rough being the sole remaining sibling.

04-15-15_12-18 PM

Then it was just the teens remaining. Depending on one another emotionally. Their parents had saved enough money they had no problems paying bills.


Things between Luca and Tyler really started to heat up once he turned YA. Happy Birthday Luca! Yes Luca baked his own birthday cake.

04-08-15_11-59 AM-3


Tyler’s birthday is the same as Luca’s so they had a joint birthday party. Shortly after Luca blew out his candles it was Tyler’s turn.

04-08-15_12-00 PM

All the guests had a good time. I mean who doesn’t like cake?

04-08-15_12-02 PM

Things between Luca and Tyler started to move very quickly shortly after their birthday and it wasn’t long before Luca and inviting Tyler to spend the night and ultimately to move in.

Happy birthday Laila!  Laila celebrated her aging up to YA just before Lola and Sawyer had to run off to school. So it was just the family present for this milestone.04-15-15_12-29 PM


Unfortunately Stuart was still teen so they mostly just hung out together waiting until Stuart was YA before moving the relationship to the next level. Speaking of next levels, it’s no surprise that Tyler was soon expecting her and Luca’s first child.

04-19-15_2-55 PM

She informed Luca while they were exercising together in the home gym. Luca was very excited to be a father.



Since Laila wanted to continue gardening and selling their excess produce she decided against getting a full-time job. She decided to instead purchase a photography study that she would run in her spare time, typically weekends, for extra money and to get out of the house. She found an architect to design a build that looked just like an old Polaroid  camera. The whole immediate family came to the grand opening

04-19-15_2-09 PM-2

Laila’s opening inventory consisted mostly of different camera for purchase and she womaned the photography studio. Taking pictures of customers as they entered the store or before they left.

04-19-15_2-07 PM-2

Her first day wasn’t bad. She didn’t do as much business as she would have liked, but she did make a few sales

04-19-15_2-20 PM

She left exhausted. Once the store starts to do better she will definitely have to hire assistants. But that’s a long way off

04-19-15_2-22 PM

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