Generation 3- Laila Black

Gasp! more birthdays? Shocker!!!!! Happy Birthday Sawyer welcome to Young Adulthood

04-18-15_12-11 AM-4

Juanita had also aged up to YA. Juanita had to care for her elderly mother and couldn’t move out as she was the sole heir. But she definitely made time to come over and see Sawyer whenever possible.

Stuart too had aged up to YA and finally he and Laila could be more romantic and finally have that much sought after “first-kiss”. How they missed this during their teenage years is beyond me

What was most surprising is that with all these couples around woohooing all the time it was a wonder the only pregnant couple was Luca and Tyler

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Welcome baby Timothy

04-20-15_6-02 PM

Timothy was a welcomed addition to the Black family with all adults eager to meet him

and help care for him.


Lola was the last to age up to YA and unlike her previous birthday the immediate family was there to celebrate her birthday this time! No sad feelings

04-18-15_1-08 AM

Like Luca, Lola’s aspiration is nerd brain however, she didn’t follow Luca and join the technology career, instead Lola will become a scientist. She is fascinated with alien theory and is convinced there is alien life in the heavens and she will be the one to find it.

Here is Lola all dressed up for work

04-19-15_3-12 PM

Speaking of work, Laila’s photography studio is doing OK. it still hasn’t taken off like she wants. She spends more time gardening, helping to take care of Tim that she hasn’t had too much time to put into the gallery but she does make sure to open the store over the weekends.

04-20-15_10-54 AM

She’s gotten better at selling

works hard to keep the store clean

04-20-15_10-56 AM

and has gotten quicker at ringing up customers. Still not enough traffic or business to hire another employee. Single woman show this is.

04-20-15_10-59 AM


Slideshow extras of the Black family home life

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