Generation 3- Laila Black

Another baby? Yes, Luca and Tyler are having another baby. I guess all the woohooing paid off. And apparently Juanita, Sawyers girlfriend, had two twin boys she named Stefan and Steve. Timothy aged up to child

04-20-15_5-54 PM

And Luca aged up to Adult

04-20-15_7-54 AM

There is no time like the present and even though she was halfway through her pregnacy Luca popped the question and Tyler enthusiastically said YES!

Before getting married Tyler gave birth to another son they named Thomas.

Not to be outdone Sawyer planned a romantic night for him and Juanita

which culminated in their engagement. a double wedding maybe? Maybe not. Shortly after the birth of Thomas, Luca and Tyler were married

and who should show up to the wedding sporting an advanced baby bump? Why Juanita! apparently she and Sawyer are expecting again. Also who should age up to adult at their own wedding, why Tyler of course. a double celebration!

04-24-15_3-05 PM



They may not have had a double wedding but they sure did get married back to back. It was barely a few days later when the family all gathered together again to watch the nuptials of Sawyer and Juanita. Immediately following the wedding, Sawyer moved out and moved in with Juanita and their twin sons.

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The best part of owning your own store is that you can kick people you don’t like out! and that is immediately what Laila did when she saw her nemesis enter her store

Sure the store still hasn’t taken off so in theory Laila can’t stand to be picky about what patrons visit her store but seriously, anyone but her!




Finally it was time for Laila’s birthday. Even the extended remaining cousins- Otis and Jax and their sister Anissa was able to make the festivities. Unfortunately, Stuart was unable to be there.

04-24-15_11-47 AM-4

A Black party ain’t a Black party without someone getting in to their feelings

04-24-15_11-46 AM

But luckily that was the only mishap. The rest of the party went off without a hitch and I must say Laila was totally feeling herself



Thomas aged up to teen and is so handsome. He loves playing with his older brother Tim.

04-24-15_11-48 PM


Laila had many things to celebrate other than her birthday. Tyler found out that she was pregnant again (boy is she fertile!)

04-25-15_9-50 PM-2

Tyler and Luca then moved out to their own home for room for their growing and expanding family. On the day that Stuart moved into the home Laila discovered she was pregnant and couldn’t wait to pass the news on to him

It was a lot for Stuart at once…moving in with his girlfriend and finding out he was to be a father for the first time, but he easily rolled with the punches.


And just in case you thought a mean girl changed her stripes to becoming a good girl…think again. Guess who got into a tete-a-tete in front of her home. Yes you guessed it Laila with a drink being thrown and all. Being pregnant doesn’t stop her.

and the biggest surprise of all is why does someone who is self-assured, good, and cheerful want to be the mischief is evil is beyond me, but alas that is Stuarts personal life goal. And he can brawl with the best of ’em


And as for Lola she’s been even practicing her analyzing at home trying to get ahead at work. (Follow the picturestory mini-series to see Lola’s workdays).

04-25-15_9-47 PM-2

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