Generation 2- Cody Black

Just because she’s elder doesn’t stop Lindsey from breast feeding Lola! apparently the milk isn’t dried up.

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Since Lola is the only baby in the house she get’s lots of attention from everyone. Mostly Sawyer though.

Lindsey wasn’t the only one to make it to her golden years. Darin and Cameron share the same birthday. Which is great cause they have one party. First up was Cameron

Then it was Darin




post birthday photo together

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In a family this size there is practically a birthday everyday it seems. Not long after celebrating Cameron and Darin’s birthday, it was time for Luca to age up

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and Lola became aged up from baby to child

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Luca is a very handsome teen

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all of the children get along very well. playing, doing homework together, watching TV together

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and when they aren’t spending time with one another they love to spend time with their parents

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Then it was time for Laila’s birthday

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Luca was busy taking photo’s of himself when Laila blew out her candles. But Sawyer and Lola were there to cheer for her


Since becoming a teen Laila dyed and cut her hair. She and Luca both help out in the garden. Unlike their dads before them, they will not be getting after school jobs. Selling the produce from the family garden has made the family quite wealthy and they are needed more at home

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For the most part Laila is a good girl, doing her homework and chores as told

and is loves her family to pieces, especially her littler sister Lola. However, unknown to most there is a mean streak in Laila.



With their being two teenagers in the home it’s time to prowl the town for potential mates. So off to the park everyone goes. A little jogging for Luca and Laila since there were no teens at the park

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Sawyer is like king of the playground meeting two child aged girls

too bad the child boy Lola was talking with and playing chess with

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aged up to child while she was talking to him and Laila went over pronto to meet him. His name is Stuart.

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Luca meet a teen girl at the park too

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There was another teen girl there too that Laila thought would be good to meet since other than her cousins she didn’t have a female friend her age. When she went to say hi she got more than she bargained for. Looks like a fellow mean girl.


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With all the excitement around the family you’re always bound to miss someone’s birthday….even the heir. Happy Birthday Cody. mop that frown off your face. you weren’t the first and won’t be the last birthday that is forgotten.

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Generation 2- Cody Black

Everyone had a great time at Cody’s birthday bash! and it wasn’t long after that when Lindsey gave birth to a baby girl.

They named her Laila

Cody was very happy to finally be a father.

It wasn’t long after Laila was born that Luca aged up to child. He is a very cute little boy. Cameron and Darin really liked this because they were able to interact with Luca more.


And while they were playing with Luca, Lindsey and Cody were up all hours of the day and night with Laila

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Time passes quickly and it wasn’t long before Laila was a child

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Laila and Luca quickly became great friends. always hanging out together

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It soon became time for the family to expand even more. Darin and Cameron adopted another baby boy. This time Darin had the honor of going to pick up their new son.

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They named him Sawyer. As a baby he too had a nice blended olive complexion

Luca was happy to have a baby brother

And Cameron was happy to be caring for a baby again


Apparently there is a healthy competition in the house with babies. Cameron and Devin adopt and it isn’t long before Cody and Lindsey feel the need to add to their family

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Lindsey is again pregnant!

In the meantime, Cody has joined the cooking career and leveled up his woodworking skill

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Cameron went over to Cole’s house to visit with his brother and see how much his nephews and niece, Otis and Jax, and Anissa had grown.

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Otis and Jax. All the males look like the founder Caleb Black. Otis and Jax easily could be Corey, Cameron, or even Cody’s sons.



Lindsey had a pool party and invited everyone over. Corey has since passed and it’s just the 2 sets of twins girls. They are all so cute. Cole and Constance are now still adults and Anissa their daughter is teen and their twin boys Otis and Jax are young adults.

This was Lindsey’s pre-aging party! (basically i forgot she couldn’t age while pregnant and planned the party because it was her day to age and couldn’t figure out for the longest why she couldn’t blow out the candles!)


There was no working out with this pregnancy. Every time you turned around Lindsey was eating

Just before Lindsey gave birth Sawyer aged to child. To my surprise he has a bit of an Asian look to him. He’s also a cute little boy.

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And shortly after Sawyer aged to child, Lindsey gave birth to a baby girl they named Lola. And so sooner than Lindsey gave birth to Lola she walked down the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs promptly aged up to Elder

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and because there was soon to be 4 children it became time again to add to the house. The house is now 3 stories and I built a room for the girls. The first children room was already decorated more for a male child

04-03-15_2-03 PM


On the third floor I also made a guest room

04-03-15_2-03 PM-2

Another bathroom

04-03-15_2-03 PM-4

A workout/TV area/extra computer area, and a place to place the VR game

04-03-15_2-03 PM-3

And because I’ve not really shown the other rooms before here is a pic of the boys room; Their room is kinda L-shaped

And this is Cody and Lindsey room and their en-suite bathroom

This is the hallway on the second floor

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