Founder Generation- Caleb Black

Now that Cole is teenager he decided to get an after school. His parents didn’t put up much resistance considering Corey graduated high school with an A and got two promotions with his job and Cole already had a B and promised his grades wouldn’t drop. “Welcome to good burger home of the good burger may I take your order”. Coley got an after school job at a fast food joint.

02-13-15_12-11 PM


Ok he didn’t look too happy going his first day it was his own fault staying up late the night before knowing shortly after he gets home from school he has to go to work. Thanks to his new job at the fast food place, Cole is in desperate need to learn how to cook. No more letting mommy cook all your meals.

Breakfast still needs a little work

02-13-15_11-19 AM

And because you’re still learning, mom can still cook 75% of your meals

02-13-15_11-30 AM


It is with much sadness that I inform thee that the Black family loses their Patriarch Caleb. Instead of going to work one day, Caleb was found by Death behind the house

02-13-15_12-02 PM

Barbara ran outside hoping to catch death in time, which she did btw, and attempted to plead for Caleb’s life

02-13-15_12-03 PM

Death wasn’t having it and Caleb passed on from the world.

02-13-15_12-04 PM

Barbara fretted over how to tell the boys that their beloved papa had died. Especially Cameron and Cody who had the least amount of time to spend with their dad

02-13-15_12-05 PM

She buried Caleb in a small area at the back of the property and when the boys came home from school she told them about what happened to their dad. Corey was still at work so Cole took his brothers to the back of the house so that they could say goodbye to their father

02-13-15_12-09 PM


R.I.P. Caleb Black

02-03-15_12-34 AM-2

your genes have been passed on and are quite strong as evidenced by the fact that all 4 of your boys look like you. You’ve started your legacy off well and will be remember fondly through the ages

02-13-15_11-52 AM

(All 4 boys from left to right: Cole, Cody, Corey, and Cameron)

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